The Agency is currently reviewing 76 reports on the elimination of deficiencies of higher education institutions

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Despite the hot summer, the intensity of work in the Agency is increasing. The Agency received from the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sports of the Slovak Republic a total of 82 university reports “on the elimination of deficiencies”, which higher education institutions sent to the Ministry. This obligation arose on the basis of the conclusions of accreditations in the previous period, which were still accepted by the Accreditation Commission. In the reports in question, the Agency is currently reviewing the elimination of deficiencies in 172 study programmes and in 22 rights to conduct habilitation procedures and procedures for the appointment of professors. The six reports have already been reviewed and decided by the Agency, the remaining ones will be completed by the end of August 2020, that is before the expiry of the relevant time-based accreditations or suspended university rights. The Agency follows the new procedures in accordance with the applicable legislation, it sets up a separate working group of reviewers on the list of reviewers for each procedure, which is approved by the Executive Board. However, the reports on the elimination of deficiencies themselves are reviewed according to the original criteria valid until 31 October 2018, at the time of the imposition of this obligation by the Accreditation Commission.