The Agency supports the humanitarian activities of universities

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Universities have been preparing for months for the accreditation of their internal quality systems. They are implementing quality management systems in line with European quality standards while undergoing many changes to their internal functioning.

Today, however, the need to help people who have lost their homes and are fleeing war from nightfall to dawn is coming to the fore. Many are in fear, homeless, suffering from hunger and cold. We see that many schools are already providing support for their Ukrainian students, colleagues, and relatives.

“I believe that universities will seek additional resources, both human and material, to help the needy and thus demonstrate practical examples of fulfilling the profound European value of humanism and humanity as one of the important components of the mission of European universities,” stated Robert Redhammer, Chair of the SAAHE Executive Board. “I assure the universities that in future accreditations the Agency will take due account of these serious and difficult circumstances,” Redhammer added.