The Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education continues with visiting of foreign partners

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International cooperation, communication, and exchange of professional experience is an integral part of the activities of our Agency. After stimulating visits in 2019 to Ireland – QQI (Quality and Qualifications of Irish Higher Education) and the United Kingdom – QAA (The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education), a member of the Agency’s Executive Board, Mr. Bálint Lovász, has visited the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS). During the visit, he has met with the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board and has undergone valuable training on the accreditation system of higher education institutions in Romania and the functioning of the Agency.

A visit was very valuable to us because Romania has taken place a similar institutional transformation, and this has served as a positive example for us.

Students are key to successfully managing the agency’s transformation and changing the accreditation system, and so the agency places great emphasis on both their preparation and cooperation. Mr. Matej Bílik, the Vice-Chairman of the Student Council of Higher Education Institutions together with Mr. Bálint Lovász, a member of the Agency’s Executive Board, has visited the National Alliance of Student Organisations in Romania (ANOSR). The Alliance is directly responsible for preparing, training, organizing and selecting student reviewers.

It is also necessary to emphasize the fact that the strategic goal of the agency is to get among the agencies accepted by ENQA (European Association of Quality Assurance Agencies for Higher Education) by the end of 2024. And the visit was hosted by Ms. Cristina Ghitulica, the Vice President of the ARACIS Board, who is also Vice President of the ENQA Executive Board.

We strive to become an agency that fully implements the ENQA standards and thus becomes European recognized. At the same time, our goal is to create a quality system of training student reviewers and to build an international network of student experts who will be involved in the assessment of Slovak universities”. says Bálint Lovász.