The teacher’s mission is to develop the good in man – especially today

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On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, it is good to be reminded that teachers are key to educating our children and that the future of the country and all of us depends on their work.

“On the occasion of today’s Teachers’ Day, I would like to express my support for our teachers. I am proud of their work, their attitudes, and how they do not give up, even in difficult circumstances, to raise and educate successful young people,” said Robert Redhammer, Chair of the Agency’s Executive Board on the occasion of Teachers’ Day.

Many students win international competitions, many graduates are successful in international competition and become doctors, economists, IT specialists, scientists, but also successful teachers and other specialists. Over time, they lead companies and corporations and thus influence public life. But above all, they mature as good people with humanity in their hearts and in the spirit of the principles of humanism.

Even in these difficult times, they have risen to the challenge of a pandemic or a humanitarian crisis affecting thousands of innocent people. They are helping where society and people need it most. Not only for the school they work at, but most importantly for themselves and the mission they have taken on through their teaching.

This is also true for colleges. In recent years, in the much talked about ‘quality assurance’, the emphasis has been on the ‘participation of all parties’ involved in higher education. However, it must not be forgotten that it is the teachers who are the focus of education in schools. It is therefore they who need to be given considerably more positive attention.

Even today, we can find many motivated teachers all over Slovakia who sacrifice their free time for their profession. They are able to captivate and inspire students, and they devote their attention and energy to them. A good teacher seeks the soul of the student, helps him to develop his talent and a healthy personal character.

“I want to thank the teachers, especially from the parents’ point of view. I have such a personal experience myself. We are grateful to them for their dedicated work in raising and educating our children. Our children, their values, and education are our future. The future of Slovakia, a proud part of Europe,” added Robert Redhammer.

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