Statement of the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education

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The Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education draws the attention of higher education institutions to the acute need to address the impact of sophisticated AI-based communication tools. AI technologies have the potential to fundamentally change the way higher education is delivered and organised. They are also becoming widely available in Slovakia and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These tools are mainly used by students.

The Agency sees the new possibilities as an opportunity rather than a threat. It recommends that universities adopt an open attitude towards them and focus on their meaningful integration into educational and other creative activities. The Agency does not recommend banning the use of these tools across the board. Universities should make appropriate adjustments to the validation of learning outcomes, i.e. examinations and defences of independent work so that they reliably test students’ knowledge, skills, and professional competencies.

AI-based tools should be used judiciously, recognising their limitations and potential negative impacts. This implies the need to introduce regulations in the internal quality assurance systems of universities on the use of AI, with an emphasis on maintaining academic integrity. Artificial intelligence and its use represent an impetus for innovation in the content of higher education. Universities should be able to prepare students for the future use of these new technological tools, appropriately in all fields of study.