Great news for Slovak universities and students: our accreditations are already recognized throughout Europe

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The Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (SAAHE) has joined the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). It is a key organisation for evaluating the quality of higher education institutions in Europe. From a foreign perspective, our membership confirms the credibility of assessing the quality of Slovak universities. Slovak students will also benefit from it.

The certificate of full membership was received by the Chair of the Executive Board of the Agency, Robert Redhammer, from the hands of the ENQA President, Douglas Blackstock, last week in Hannover, Germany. The condition of our membership was to prove that Slovakia can meet the demanding European criteria of the Standards for Quality Assurance in the European Area of Higher Education (so-called ESG) in the long term.

Press release: Great news for Slovak universities (in Slovak)